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Welcome to the new and improved Abstractive Technology Consulting website. Over the past few months our in house design guru, Mr. Mike Priest, myself and the rest of the Abstractive team have been working to overhaul the previous Abstractive site.


Our small consulting company has travelled a long road since our inception just a few short years ago. We have been able to form strong partnerships between coworkers, partners and our amazing clients, and we look forward with great anticipation towards the growth and opportunity that will present itself in the weeks, months and years to come.


I wanted to take a few moments to introduce you to some of the features of our new home.:


The Design (Via Mike Priest)

The design used in throughout the website is dynamic and elegant. By utilizing the responsive web design concept, modern web frameworks and key user interaction methods; we created a site that feels like it was built specifically for the device the user is using.

The home page was built into one page. This allowed us to deliver a message from all parts of our company without having to navigate to those sections individually. As you know from mobile browsers, it can be slow and tedious to move between numerous pages on a website; especially if you are on the train. To make the usability a bit more fun we added auto scrolling on the main navigation for the home page. Since mobile devices have a limited viewport it makes it much easier to scroll to sections if it is automatically done for you, and as you can see there is a link to scroll right back to where you started. Simple.

On a computer or laptop the home page gives more of a pamphlet look and feel. As the page is quite long we move the navigation with you. This again allows for better usability eliminating the need  to scroll all the way to the top
of the page to get back home.

We are a big fan of cufon as it renders custom font much crisper than @font-face. Hopefully you can see, all in all we have more of an “abstract” art kind of delivery.


The Content

We have configured our new site to present to you information on our services and products. Please take a minute to read up on the various services we provide and contact us with any questions you might have.


We also wanted to provide our clients and potential employees with more insight into how we function as an organization. Our new site has added sections on:

  • The Abstractive Consulting Community Fund (ACCF), formed in 2011 to aid us in giving back to our community,
  • Our Partners – We have been lucky enough to form great relationships with industry leading technology providers
  • Careers – Our company is always looking for bright, creative minds to join with us in providing quality consulting services. Here we highlight some of our employee benefits and positions which may have openings
  • Blog – A new journey for us into the social media universe, we are happy to share our experiences within the ECM and BI world.


Abstractive Analytics

We are proud at Abstractive Technology Consulting not to be your typical consulting firm. We know the world of technology is driven by those who are willing to lead and innovate. Armed with that understanding and with minds suitable to the task, our team has developed Abstractive Analytics, an unique analytical tool capable of capturing and analyzing user interactions across your web-based systems, allowing you to improve your business flow. For more information or a demo please contact us at info@abstractive.ca.


Thanks for Visiting

Thanks for visiting the site. We certainly appreciate your interest in our company. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


Gary Weller

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant




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Gary Weller

About Gary Weller

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant Gary has spent the past 5 years honing his Business Intelligence expertise, specializing in Information Builders WebFOCUS suite. Gary’s background lies in application development in both government and private sector. His experiences recently have focused more on the intersection between IT and the business units while aiding in business analysis and system design.

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