Alfresco Sub-groups

My goal: add a group as a sub-group of another group – ie. nest groups.

Alfresco Version: Enterprise – v3.4.7 (572)

My first try – the Alfresco Explorer UI

The problem with this is that although it will show you sub-groups it will only let you add users to groups, not other groups.

My second try – the Alfresco Share UI

I started by searching for my parent group by name.
Found it – great. Next I clicked the Edit icon.
Turns out this only lets you edit the display name of the group.
So I clicked the Browse button.
In the browse interface when you click on a group you can add sub-groups and users – perfect.
BUT…for some reason my parent group did not show up on the list. It’s not a system list or anything special, just a local Alfresco group I created.

My third try – script it

I took a look at my trusty Alfresco javascript API (
Adding a sub-group this way is pretty simple:

  1. Find the parent group
  2. Find the child group
  3. Add the child to the parent

Here is the javascript (NOTE the “GROUP_” prefix when finding a group):

var parentGrp = people.getGroup("GROUP_My Parent Group"); 
var childGrp = people.getGroup("GROUP_My Child Group"); 
people.addAuthority(parentGrp, childGrp);


I don’t really understand why, in Share, searching for a specific group and browsing groups offer different options on the results.

But scripting it is a quick, easy work-around.

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