Ephesoft – Missing Images in BatchList.html

Version SP2

A client contacted me today with a support issue. When attempting to view documents over their network in Review or Validate the documents would fail to load. The same documents would load fine over the localhost URL when viewing on the server.

After a consultation with the fine support staff at Ephesoft it was a potential cross domain scripting issue. The following steps resolved the issue:

1. Navigate to <Ephesoft install folder>\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-batch\

2. Backup the existing file

3. Update the batch.base_http_url parameter to the URL base used by the end users

4. Restart the server


Support staff noted “the http path will look unique. It is supposed to. It will have back slashes before the colons and that is because they are needed by the application to interpret the path properly.”


Upon restarting the server, Ephesoft responded as expected.

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